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The FSA strategy for 2022 to 2027

Our guiding principles

The guiding principles that set out how the FSA will deliver its 5-year strategy.

Last updated: 18 March 2022
Last updated: 18 March 2022

We have developed seven guiding principles that set out how we want to work over the next five years.

The principles reflect some existing strengths of our organisation that we must maintain, and some critical ways in which we need to keep evolving:

We are the trusted voice on food standards, protecting consumer interests

We use our in depth understanding of consumer interests to inform decisions about the food system. We earn and maintain public trust. If we need to, we prioritise the consumer interest above other interests.

We are science and evidence led

We base our decisions on science and evidence. We produce insights and analysis that inform our own work and the policy and practice of other organisations in the food system. We tell the truth about food.

We are open and transparent

We provide the public with clear information that helps them understand risk. We publish our research and evidence and take our decisions in public.

We work with, and through, others

We work with others to use their reach and influence to improve food standards, and where appropriate, change consumer and industry behaviour. We work closely with partners across the UK, with national and local governments and across industry, academia, civil society and our suppliers. 

We make it easier for businesses to meet their obligations and do the right thing for consumers

We listen to feedback and remove obstacles to achieving high standards. We want to help businesses get it right for consumers and to innovate. This will benefit consumers and businesses alike.

We are risk-based and proportionate

We are proportionate in our approach, focusing on food and businesses that pose the greatest risk to consumers. We make sure the burden on business is no more than it needs to be. 

We are innovative

We anticipate change and respond quickly to fast-moving developments in the food sector here and abroad. We are proactive in our work to make sure that food is safe and to maintain the confidence of consumers, businesses and trading partners. We use data and digital technology to drive change. 

We will continue to embed these principles through all the work our teams perform.