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Peter Price - Board member for Wales and Chair of the Welsh Food Advisory Committee


Outlines the professional history of our Board Members and gives details of any business interests they may have in order to ensure transparency.

Last updated: 16 April 2021
Peter Price

After 12 years in legal practice and broadcasting, Peter served in the European Parliament for 15 years, including as Chair of the Parliament’s Budgetary Control Committee which scrutinised the entire EU budget and held the Commission to account. He became familiar with all aspects of the CAP.

His career then progressed into a portfolio of non-executive, consultancy and judicial roles. As European Strategy Counsel, he directed projects for the Countryside Commission and Commission for Rural Communities, covering topics such as rural policing and a strategy for rural creativity and innovation. His main clients, through a link with a Swiss consultancy, have been global companies in financial services, manufacturing and construction.

Peter’s roles in Welsh devolution began with drafting the Assembly’s Rules as a Standing Orders Commissioner; next as a Member of the Richard Commission recommending primary legislative powers and a new electoral system; and later becoming Chair of Cymru Yfory/Tomorrow’s Wales, promoting democratic development in Wales.

In early legal career, Peter conducted prosecutions in food hygiene and other consumer protection cases. After being an MEP, he returned to the law as a part-time Employment Judge for 12 years, sitting at locations throughout Wales.

As a non-executive, Peter is experienced in chairing Boards and their Committees.  These roles have been in public audit, two NHS trusts, a University and a company certifying quality standards. In the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust, he became Vice-Chair and Chair of the HR Committee. In the Wales Audit Office, he was Chair of the Remuneration and HR Committee.  He was Chair of the Board of Governance of the Jersey Audit Office from 2016 until March 2021.


Director of any company or organisation whether paid or unpaid.

  • None

Income, recognition or benefits

Any business, professional or public activities or interests that provides a regular source of income, recognition or some other benefit.

  • As European Strategy Counsel (self-employed), I advise on EU-related strategic issues.

Organisations, clubs or bodies

Membership of public bodies, trusteeship of a charity or other public or private trust, or membership, role or affiliation to clubs or organisations.

  • Member of Chatham House
  • the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
  • the Institute of Welsh Affairs
  • Cymmrodorian
  • Legal Wales


Any shareholdings other than those held by a unit trust or similar arrangements where the Board member has no influence on the management of the shares.

  • None