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Register of risk analysis issues

The list of the issues undergoing risk analysis.

This Register of risk analysis issues provides information about issues that are being considered through our food and animal feed risk analysis process. It provides a summary of each issue and its current status.

Last updated: 11 July 2024

Information included in the register

RA ID number

This is the risk analysis (RA) identification number used for each issue considered in the risk analysis process.

Type of issue

The register includes issues falling under the following areas:

  • food additives and food contact materials
  •  general food hygiene
  •  meat hygiene
  •  chemical contaminants and residues
  •  trade
  •  radiological policy
  •  animal feeds

Title of issue and summary

These provide an overview of the issue and a summary of the work that will be undertaken.

Phase of risk analysis

This provides the phase in the risk analysis process that each issue has reached:

  • risk assessment and evidence
  • development and consideration of risk management options
  • completion

Additional information

Additional information relating to issues undergoing risk analysis, such as Scientific Advisory Committee papers, public consultations and engagement, FSA Board discussions and the advice and recommendations we provide to others, may be found through the following links:

Regulated products

Information about regulated product applications undergoing risk analysis is provided in a separate Register of regulated products applications.