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Welsh Food Advisory Committee 21 October 2021

Wales specific

In person and on Teams

Agenda and Papers

Welsh Food Advisory Committee Meeting

10:30-10:35  Welcomes, apologies and declarations of interest

10:35- 10:40 Minutes of last meeting

10:40- 10:50  Update from the Chair

10:50-11:00  Update from the Director

11:00- 11:15  Personal account - Sarah Pattison 

11:15- 11:30  Personal account - Meleri Williams

11:30- 11:50  Overview of FSA Food Hypersensitivity Programme and measures undertaken to help businesses and LAs in Wales prepare for the New Allergen Labelling Law - Kerys James-Palmer – Head of Standards Policy, FSA in Wales

11:50- 12:00  Break

12:00- 12:20  Early implementation of the new allergen labelling law and prior or anticipated enforcement problems for LAs - Gary Lewis – Chair of the Local Authority Food Information and Labelling Group

12:20- 12:50 Questions and discussion with panel of speakers

12:50- 13:00 Any other business and close

13:00- 13:45 Lunch