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Welsh Language Scheme

Our Welsh Language Scheme describes which services we provide in Welsh, as well as how and when these services will be provided.

Our policy reflects the requirements of the Welsh Language Act 1993 and the Welsh Language Measure 2011. Our in-house Welsh Language Unit are responsible for implementing and overseeing the scheme, in addition to providing bilingual services in Wales.

Our refreshed Welsh Language Scheme was approved by the Welsh Language Commissioner in March 2019.

Under the Welsh Language Measure 2011, this Scheme will eventually be superseded by Welsh Language Standards which operate on the same principle, to ensure an active language choice for consumers in Wales. You can find more information on these Standards on the Welsh Language Commissioner’s website. Until these Standards come into force, we will continue to operate in accordance with this Welsh Language Scheme.

We also have advice for managers who are recruiting to the FSA in Wales. This guidance should be used when designing and implementing workforce plans.