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Actions Arising – Business Committee

FSA 22-12-11

From the FSA Business Committee on 23 September 2022



Due Date

Owner and progress to date

Action 1 - Performance and Resources Q1 2022-23 (FSA 22/09/13)


To provide information to Board Members about the 28 successes for the NFCU noted in the P&R Report.


Junior Johnson

Completed: Information shared with Board Members on 4 November 2022.

Action 2 - Risk Analysis Process: Update to Business Committee (FSA 22/09/14)


Risk Analysis Update to December 2022 Business Committee to include final proposals for key performance indicators on risk analysis.


Peter Quigley


In Progress: Our proposed measures and KPIs are in development and included in the report for Dec for consideration.


Action 3 - Incidents & Resilience Annual Report 2021/22 (FSA 22/09/17)


To provide the Business Committee with information on lessons learned from Incidents exercises by the end of 2022.


Darren Whitby



IRU will schedule periodic updates on lessons learned as part of the Board’s Friday briefings with the first to be provided within the next month.


Action 4 - Annual Animal Welfare Report 2021/22 (FSA 22/09/18)


To consider how the FSA can accelerate progress in levels of non-stun slaughter by utilising Board level discussions with industry and Defra.


Richard Wynn-Davies



The FSA’s Animal Welfare team are aiming to coordinate a survey of industry stakeholders (November/December 2022) to better understand awareness levels around the Demonstration of Life protocol as well as reasons why uptake has been minimal.  This will help us to undertake further targeted activity with Defra and to better inform any stakeholder activity involving our Board members.

Actions from Previous meetings



Due Date

Owner and progress to date

Action 1 –

Performance and Resources Q4 2021-22 (FSA 22/06/16)


The Chair noted 180 deaths from foodborne disease annually was a concern and asked for this item to return to the Board for further discussion to identify further opportunities for continuous improvement.

June 2023



Julie Pierce and Rebecca Sudworth


Ongoing: SERD is planning to deliver a number of pieces of relevant new research before the end of the calendar year.  Policy, working with the various information/insight sources will then review our approach to foodborne disease by end of the financial year, and will update the Board in June 2023 alongside the annual foodborne disease statistics.