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FSA 22-09-02 - Actions Arising– Board Meeting

An update on actions from previous FSA Board meetings.

From the FSA Board Meeting on 15 June 2022

Index Action Due Date Owner and progress to date

Action 1 –

Chief Executive’s Report to the Board (FSA 22/06/03)

To include update on plans for surveillance to confirm safety of food imported from the EU in the absence of border import controls at September Board meeting. -


Complete: Update included in CE report.

Action 2 –

FSA Response to Ukraine Conflict Supply Chain Disruption: Ingredient Substitution and Labelling (FSA 22/06/04)

CE Report to the September Board to include update on the feasibility of the 31 October deadline for a return to compliance. -



Complete: Covered in the RCD contribution to the CE report to Board in September.

Action 3 –

Food Hypersensitivity (FHS) – Update on Workstreams and Recommended Next Steps (FSA 22/06/07)

To prepare a timeline for when the issues raised in discussion could be presented to the Board for consideration. -


Complete: FHS update paper for September for the Board will outline next steps..

Further updates to the Board on FHS will come in December 2022, June 2023 with six-monthly updates thereafter.

Action 4 –

The Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill (FSA 22/06/08)

To bring paper to the September Board meeting outlining progress on the framework and outputs from consumer engagement. -

Peter Quigley

Complete: Paper on agenda for September meeting.

Action 5 –

Household Food Insecurity (FSA 22/06/09)

To re-engage with businesses around Best Before dates on food and how these were used. -


Complete: Officials are engaging with businesses and working to understand the implications on food donations and food waste of changes in best before date labelling and how these issues relate to each other.

Action 7 –

Final Report from the External Effectiveness Review of the FSA Board (FSA 22/06/12)

Mark Rolfe and Fiona Gately to meet with Katie Pettifer and the Head of the Board Secretariat to establish an FSA response to the Effectiveness review Recommendations. -



Group established with initial meeting held on 25 July.  Second meeting scheduled for 16 September.

Actions From Previous Meetings

Index Action Due Date  Owner and progress to date

Action 6 –


Beef Burgers Served Less Than Thoroughly Cooked: Update (FSA 20/03/08)

To provide update to Board Members on the outcome of the consultation on the proposed revision to the guidance on less than thoroughly cooked burgers and on the additional level of assurance about the triggers, controls, and the ability to monitor and implement them. Updated March 2022

Rebecca Sudworth

In Progress: The consultation on the revised guidance for less than thoroughly cooked beef burgers closed on 27 April 2022 and we aim to publish our responses to stakeholder comments shortly. We received comments from 20 stakeholders, some of which were very detailed. We are continuing to work through these responses and will provide a full update to the Board later in the year.

Action 3 –

Science Update 2021 (FSA 21/12/06)

To provide a workplan, including timelines for work on laboratory capacity. Updated March 2022

Rick Mumford

In Progress: A final recommend model for the future Official Lab (OL) system has been developed internally and the economic cost benefit analysis for the options completed in June.  LAs, OLs and OGDs are being engaged with on the potential options to obtain feedback.  This has now been approved by FSA EMT and will be brought to the September Board meeting, for consideration.