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FSA 22-09-11 - Actions Arising – Business Committee

An update on actions from previous meetings of the FSA Business Committee

Last updated: 31 August 2022
Last updated: 31 August 2022

From the FSA Business Committee on 15 June 2022

Index Action Due Date Owner and progress to date

Action 1 –

Performance and Resources Q4 2021-22 (FSA 22/06/16)

The Chair noted 180 deaths from foodborne disease annually was a concern and asked for this item to return to the Board for further discussion to identify further opportunities for continuous improvement. -

Julie Pierce and Rebecca Sudworth

Ongoing: SERD is planning to deliver a number of pieces of relevant new research before the end of the calendar year.  Policy, working with the various information/insight sources will then review our approach to foodborne disease by end of the financial year, and will update the Board in June 2023 alongside the annual foodborne disease statistics.

Action 2 –

Local Authority Performance Update (FSA 22/06/17)

Maria noted that there is a clear pathway to restoring delivery in line with the Food Law Code of Practice that was agreed by the Board, which was entering into a crucial phase, where local authorities started to deal with the lower risk businesses.  Maria agreed to come back to the Board with an update on how this is progressing. -

Maria Jennings

Complete: Captured in the update on LA performance within the quarterly performance and resources.

Action 3 –

Veterinary Resourcing Update (FSA 22/06/18)

The Chair agreed she would write to RCVS to thank them. -


Complete: Professor Jebb wrote to Dr Richards on 28 June to thank him, and the members of the RCVS Council, for unanimously approving the request to extend the application of the Temporary Registration policy for a further year.

Action 4 –

Risk Analysis Process: Update (FSA 22/06/19a)/ Regulated Products Service; regular update to (FSA 22/06/19b)

Colm McKenna noted plans for a ‘deep dive’ into risk analysis and the management process by ARAC had been deferred until the first 12 months of the process had passed.  It may now be the right time to take this forward. -

ARAC Chair

Ongoing: Deep dives to be arranged with Head of Audit Assurance.