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FSA 22-12-23 Performance and Resources report quarter 2 2022/23

Performance and Resources report quarter 2 2022/23: Operational Transformation

Operational Transformation in the Performance and Resources report in quarter 2.

  • technical panel introduced to gain Field Operations feedback and increase engagement
  • regulatory divergence discovery completed with outputs to be presented to the FSA Board
  • continued use of remote audits technology and exporting other areas for use
  • digital improvements underway for FCI/CCIR and digital audit and inspections
  • digital wine approvals case management system launching

Key successes in the quarter

  • Remote audits: 16 remote audits have been undertaken so far. The project team are currently exploring other potential uses for remote technology within Operations to enhance service delivery with an expected update by end of Q3. 
  • Regulatory Divergence: We have explored the appetite for pursuing widescale regulatory reform within the meat and animal by-product sector considering the domestic and international divergence that would result. Outputs are to be presented to FSA Board in December to inform next step. Further work is planned with the small abattoir group going forward within the programme. 
  • Wine approvals: We are utilising the FSA's new case management system to improve the user experience for approvals of wine producers and inspectors. This continues the Programme's commitment to being digital by default and meeting consumer expectations. System is on track to be in place by end of Q3.
  • Clearer Accountability: A discovery to review the roles and responsibilities and accountability of food businesses, Official Auxiliaries  and Official Veterinarians, both inside and outside the current legislative framework. The outputs of this initial discovery will be reviewed within the project team in Q4 to plan ongoing activity. We also utilised the technical panel (a focus group of Meat Hygiene Inspectors to gain a wider feedback and engagement). 
  • Food Chain Information/Collection and Communication of Inspection Results (FCI/CCIR): Proof of Concept pilot to test barcode scanning to collect inspection results alongside an automated data upload mechanism into FSA systems is underway. The pilot will complete in Q3 with outcomes presented to Programme Board in December to agree next steps and impacts for Q4 and beyond.

Concerns / risks

  • Regulatory Divergence: With current political climate there is a risk that there will be a reduced appetite to pursue legislative change that would result in Regulatory Divergence, with a knock-on impact to the overall scope of the programme. 
  • Segmentation pilot: Initial trials of pilot have identified lessons learned, and further rollout has been suspended for around 4-6 months whilst the model is re-designed and implementation approach is updated to address some issues highlighted. Potential perceived stakeholder risk around the shortcomings of the initial pilot and potential negativity towards future pilot activity.

Next steps

  • Digital Audit and Inspection: Proof of concept for Audit and Inspections launched on 9 November. The software trial allows FBO auditors/inspectors to access vital inspection/audit data and improve reporting capabilities to improve consistency across the sector.