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Definitions of meat establishment activities

Activities that can be carried out on a meat establishment premises once approved.


An establishment used for slaughtering and dressing animals. The meat from these animals will be intended for human consumption.

Game handling establishment

Any establishment where game and game meat from hunting are prepared for placing on the market. 

Cutting plant

An establishment used for boning and cutting up meat.

Wholesale Market

A food business that includes several separate units which share common installations and sections where foodstuffs are sold to food business operator.

Repackaging establishment

An establishment which removes wrapped foodstuffs from a second container and re-packages them without removing the initial wrapping which is in direct contact with the product. 

Minced meat

Boned meat that has been minced into fragments and contains less than 1% salt.

Meat preparations

Fresh meat, including meat that has been reduced to fragments, which has had foodstuffs, seasoning or additives added to it. Also, if it has undergone processes insufficient to modify the internal muscle fibre structure of the meat and thus eliminate the characteristics of fresh meat.

Mechanically Separated Meat (MSN)

The product obtained by removing meat from flesh bearing bones after boning or from poultry carcases, using mechanical means. This results in the loss or modification of the muscle fibre structure.

Processing plant

An establishment where Products of Animal Origin are either treated, processed and wrapped or undergoes one or more of those handling activities.

Meat products

Processed products that come from the processing of meat or from the further processing of such processed products. The cut surface will show that the product no longer has the characteristics of fresh meat.

Ready to eat food

Food intended by the producer or the manufacturer for direct human consumption without the need for cooking or other processing.

Rendered animal fats and greaves

Fat derived from rendering meat, including bones and intended for human consumption - for example, lard. 

Greaves is the protein containing the residue of rendering after partial separation of fat and water – for example, pork crackling.

Treated stomach, bladders and intestines

Treated stomach, bladders and intestines that have been submitted to treatment such as salting, heating or drying after they have been obtained and after cleaning.


Natural, soluble protein obtained by the partial hydrolysis of collagen produced from bones, hides, skins, tendons and sinews of animals. It is used in production of jelly.


Protein based product derived from animal bones, hides, skins and tendons. It is used in food additives.


Wrapping means the placing of a foodstuff in a wrapper or container in direct contact with the foodstuff concerned, and the wrapper or container itself.

Re-wrapping means the replacement of initial wrapping or initial container, which is in direct contact with the product.


Any premises, used for the storage under temperature controlled conditions of fresh meat intended for sale for human consumption that isn’t part of a:

  • slaughterhouse
  • cutting plant 
  • game handling establishment