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Food chain information

Guidance if you are intending to slaughter animals for human consumption or as food for other animals.

Slaughterhouse operators must not accept animals onto the slaughterhouse premises unless they have requested, and been provided with, the food chain information record from the holding supplying the animals. The information to be requested is contained within our standard forms that are provided to slaughterhouses. 

Food hygiene legislation requires that certain pieces of information be provided to slaughterhouses.

This information will inform decisions about how the slaughter process is to be carried out.

There are industry standard forms that detail the food chain information which must be provided to those responsible for the slaughter of animals.

These forms vary depending on the type of animal being sent for slaughter. Each form is intended to ensure that the minimum information required is provided to the slaughterhouse.

Standard forms are available for:

  • equines (related to the horse family) for slaughter for human consumption
  • pigs
  • cattle and calves
  • sheep and goats
  • poultry
  • farmed game to be slaughtered on farm
  • animals susceptible to bovine tuberculosis

Standard forms can be adapted by FBOs where necessary.

Northern Ireland

Forms for pigs food chain information is part of the movement documentation which accompanies the pigs to slaughter.