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Food contact materials regulations

Overview of key regulation on food contact materials.

We are responsible for protecting the public against chemicals that might transfer onto food from materials they come into contact with, for example packaging and utensils. We help enforce controls based on research and surveillance.

National 2012 regulations

The regulations include provisions for materials and articles expected to come into contact with foods or to transfer their constituents to food, for example, materials like printing inks and adhesive labels. This does not include covering or coating substances that are part of the food and that may be eaten with it, such as sausage skin.

The national regulations of 2012 provide a single point of reference for businesses and enforcement authorities by consolidating three main Statutory Instruments on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food into one set of regulations. The consolidated regulations ensure continuity of enforcement provisions for existing directly applicable legislation on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

The 2012 regulations identify:

  • which breaches constitute an offence and incur penalties
  • what constitutes a competent authority

Food contact materials privacy notice.

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