Importing plastic kitchenware from China and Hong Kong

How to import polyamide and melamine plastic kitchenware from China and Hong Kong.
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There are specific conditions and procedures for the import of polyamide and of melamine plastic kitchenware originating in or consigned from China and Hong Kong set up by Commission Regulation (EU) No 284/2011.

Import conditions

To import plastic kitchenware originating in or consigned from China and Hong Kong into European member states you will need to submit to the competent authority for each consignment a declaration and a laboratory report confirming that it meets the requirements concerning the release of primary aromatic amines and formaldehyde.

Import procedures

You must pre-notify the competent authority at the first point of introduction at least two working days in advance of the estimated date and time of physical arrival of consignments. The UK has designated specific First Points of Introduction (FPIs) for the consignments originating in, or consigned from, China and Hong Kong.

A documentary check and an identity and physical check, including sampling for laboratory analysis of 10% of such consignments, will take place at the FPI.  You will need to pay fees relating to import controls to the relevant authority where these controls apply. The fees will not be higher than the costs incurred by the authorities.

The European Commission has issued guidance on the import of plastic kitchenware from China and Honk Kong.

List of UK designated First Points of Introduction (FPI)

The list gives the name of the port and the FPI unit number:

  • Belfast port - UK DPE 01
  • Dover port - Roll on roll off terminal (MOTIS) - UK DPE 02
  • Felixstowe port - UK DPE 03
  • Gatwick airport - UK DPE 04
  • Harwich port - UK DPE 05
  • Heathrow airport - UK DPE 06
  • Hull and Goole port - UK DPE 07
  • Ipswich port - UK DPE 08
  • Liverpool port - UK DPE 09
  • London Tilbury port - UK DPE 10
  • London Thamesport - UK DPE 11
  • Sheerness port - UK DPE 12
  • Manchester airport - UK DPE 13
  • Manchester (Ellesmere Port only) - UK DPE 16
  • Southampton port - UK DPE 17
  • Teesport - UK DPE 18
  • Grimsby and Immingham port - UK DPE 19
  • Portsmouth port - UK DPE 20
  • Stansted airport - UK DPE 21
  • Grangemouth port - UK DPE 22
  • Port of Tyne - UK DPE 23
  • London Gateway port - UK DPE 25
  • Dover port - Deep sea/container terminal - UK DPE 27

Applying for designated FPI status

A port or airport operator can apply for designated FPI status to handle consignments of polyamide and of melamine plastic kitchenware by completing the application form and emailing it to