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Importing wine

Explains the documentation you must have and measures you must take in order to import wine legally into the UK.
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When importing wine, you should check with the producer that the wine is made in accordance with practices and processes allowed under European Commission wine regulations.

Unless shipped in bulk, wine must also be labelled to comply with the regulations. You will also need to be aware of the VI1 and VI2 documents.


You will need a VI1 document issued in the country of origin for each shipment. A VI1 is a document issued in a Third Country of origin giving a description and analysis details for wines imported into the European Community. It is issued by a Third Country authority as shown on a list published by the European Commission - see List 6.


A VI2 is an extract of the certificate and analysis report known as a VI1 which must accompany imports from Third Countries. A VI2 is used for the movement of Third Country wines when a consignment is split before entry into free circulation. This is issued by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). HMRC also supplies details about import and excise duty on wine. Contact HMRC for more information.

European Commission Wine Regulations

Find more information about wine importation and movement into and within the EU Guidance.