Live bivalve mollusc (LBM) and fishery product approvals

Regulatory information about LBM and fishery product approvals for businesses.
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Approved establishments

We publish details of all the approved establishments in the UK

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Fishery products

Premises that handle or process fishery products and live bivalve molluscs must be approved under European Union Regulation 853/2004.

Fishery products are defined as all seawater or freshwater animals whether they are wild or farmed. This includes all edible forms, parts and products of these animals.

Seawater and freshwater animals that are not fishery products are

  • live bivalve molluscs
  • live echinoderms
  • live tunicates
  • live marine gastropods all mammals
  • reptiles
  • frogs
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Bivalve molluscs

Bivalve molluscs are defined asfilter feeding lamellibranch molluscs.

The regulations apply the same conditions to

  • tunicates
  • echinoderms
  • marine gastropods
  • setting criteria for production
  • harvesting
  • relaying
  • transportation and dispatch.
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Food industry guides

For more information, you can read our Food Industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice: Whitefish Processors which it supplied by The Stationary Office. 


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