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Shellfish supplementary sampling

Information about the supplementary sampling scheme for food business operators and shellfish harvesters
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Shellfish harvesters can submit additional samples to be included within our official control microbiological monitoring programme for shellfish classification. These are known as ‘supplementary’ samples.

The continuing classification of a harvesting area (whether Class A, B or C) depends on a statistical analysis of sampling results. The more data we have, the less chance there is for one single result to affect the classification. More data also gives us information about seasonal variations in water quality.

The shellfish sampling data is repeatedly assessed and the more data we have, the more stable the classification can be. It also gives a better idea of any variations in water quality throughout the year.

Results from the additional sampling will be assessed in the same way as results from official control sampling. These will help to decide on the classification, opening and closing of production areas.