Business toolkit for promoting good food hygiene

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To help your food business get the most out of its food hygiene rating, we've an online toolkit offering ideas on how to promote hygiene standards and help increase your number of customers who come through the door or order online.

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Guidance on using imagery

The FSA wants food businesses to benefit from the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) and make the most of their food hygiene rating. One way to capitalise on a good rating is by including it in promotional activity and materials.

To help, the FSA wants food businesses, and others, to use FHRS imagery, which can be found via the download links below, in any promotional activity.

'Imagery' refers to the FHRS logos, stickers, and other artwork made available to third parties including posters, leaflets and web banners.

Principles to follow

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme stickers are subject to UK trademark and may only be issued by local authorities operating the scheme.

All imagery can be used providing the following principles are followed:

  • It should not be altered or amended without the FSA’s prior permission.
  • The FSA logo is integral in the design of the stickers and may be used in this context but permission must be sought from the FSA before using the FSA logo in any other context.
  • The use of the FHRS branding in promotional materials should not be seen as or portrayed as FSA endorsement of any individual food business, chain of food businesses, website or online application.
  • Should the rating of any food business change at a subsequent inspection, the images being used should be updated or removed from any promotional materials in which they were featured (e.g. menus or websites).
  • Food businesses are reminded that displaying an invalid rating or using this in any advertising or publicity material may constitute an offence under trading standards legislation, for example an offence under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.
  • In Wales, businesses should only use the 'Wales: Food Hygiene Rating Scheme' materials that are made available via the links further down this page.

Examples of web banners

Web banners for businesses, trade bodies and other partners

Examples of some animated banners can be seen below. All animated banners and static versions can be downloaded via the download links on this page.
'Another reason to choose us' banner for business websites
'There are reasons it's good for business' banner for websites

How to display a rating or inspection result on your website

Web widget

The widget fetches the rating or inspection result from the FSA's system and displays the result on your website. The clever bit is that it automatically updates if a rating or inspection result changes. To get the widget code for a business, go the business's individual page at

An example of what could be displayed on your website can be found below. The business name would link back to the business's individual page at

Mama Jo's Restaurant
EC23 1AA
Food hygiene rating is '5': Very good

Downloads for local authorities, and example leaflets

England and Northern Ireland: Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Wales: Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Example leaflet front covers

The front covers of two four-page leaflets can be seen below. The leaflets are for local authorities to share with businesses in their area, after including a local authority logo.

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme '5 rating' leaflet cover:
'Displaying your rating is good for business' leaflet front cover

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme '5 rating' in Wales leaflet cover:
'Food hygiene is getting easier to spot in Wales' leaflet front cover