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Research project

UK Public’s Interests, Needs and Concerns Around Food

This research has been conducted to feed into the development of our 2022-2027 strategy. The main research report provides a detailed snapshot of UK consumer interests, needs and concerns around food and what drives these.

Last updated: 7 June 2022
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Last updated: 7 June 2022
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This qualitative and quantitative research explored UK consumer views and priorities in relation to our responsibilities around food hygiene and safety, but also around wider interests the public see critical in shaping their food choices and lives including:

  • health and nutrition
  • environment and ethics
  • price quality and convenience
  • consumer versus business power
  • potential food futures

The top priorities for consumers, and where they would like action taken on their behalf, are around ensuring:

  • hygiene and safety standards are maintained or strengthened
  • equitable access to safe, healthy, affordable food
  • easy informed decision making
  • trustworthy food information

In the context of the UK, they would like to ensure farmers and UK agriculture are protected and that locally produced food is accessible. In the wider context of the system, consumers would like action on animal welfare and waste (food and packaging), and in the long term a steer towards fair, ethical and sustainable food systems.


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Data tables

The full data tables are available in our data catalogue.