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Consumer perceptions of precision breeding

Consumer perceptions of precision breeding Appendices: samples

Appendices related to the consumer perception of precision breeding, these include; samples and recruitment, polling questionnaire and deliberative workshop materials.

1. Samples and recruitment

1.1 Phase 1 sample

Quotas for the overall sample were set on age, gender and working status. These samples were weighted to be individually representative of each nation by age, gender, working status and social grade. When they were combined into an overall set UK data set, each nation was then weighted to its relative proportion.

Category Group Unweighted sample Weighted sample
Country England 1,900 3,512
Country Wales 1,016 198
Country Scotland 1,005 351
Country Northern Ireland  256 116
Age 16 to 34 1,306 1,380
Age 35 to 54 1,487 1,469
Age 55 to 75 1,384 1,328
Gender Male 1,946 2,066
Gender Female 2,207 2,088
Social grade AB/C1 2,997 2,391
Social grade C2/DE 1,180 1,786
Location Urban 3,150 3,400
Location  Rural 771 661
Employment status Working 2,740 2,638
Employment status Not working 1,437 1,539
Education Undergraduate degree or higher 2,209 2,005
Education No degree 1,968 2,172
Dietary restrictions Vegan 96 98
Dietary restrictions Vegetarian 207 249
Dietary restrictions Food Hypersensitivity (FHS) 496 511

1.2 Phase 2 quotas and achieved sample

Quota Categories Quota (total=90) Achieved



40 in England

25 in Wales

20 in Northern Ireland

A good mix




A good mix


18 to 30

31 to 50

51 to 64


Min 20

Min 20

Min 20

Min 20








Other/prefer not to say

Min 38

Min 38

No quota



Ethnicity Black, Asian and minority ethnic background  Min 20
(Ensure a mix of Asian / Asian British Black / African / Caribbean / Black British reflective of local populations)

AB, C1

C2, DE

Min 26

Min 26



Level of education

Undergraduate degree or higher

No degree

Min 26

Min 26



Household makeup

Single household

Couple household

Family household

Min 4

Min 4

Min 4




Dietary habits



Food Hypersensitivity (FHS)

Min 4

Min 4

Min 4




1.3 Phase 2 recruitment screener


Hello, my name is [Recruiter]. I am currently arranging a research project and would like to ask you some questions and, if you are eligible, invite you to participate. 
I need to let you know some information before we go any further. I am working on behalf of Criteria Fieldwork, a research agency. They have been commissioned by Ipsos to organise some research on their behalf. The research is about food production.

The answers that you give to me to today will be shared with Criteria Fieldwork and Ipsos.

This exercise is purely a research project to help our clients develop their products and services, so anything you say during the research exercise itself or during this interview will remain confidential. You can access Criteria’s privacy notice on their website: Criteria Qualitative Fieldwork

You have the right to withdraw your consent to process the information you provide or object to our processing of your information.  The research activity and this interview will be conducted in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct, and the information you provide will be treated in accordance with data protection law.

This interview is just to establish eligibility for the research project and will take around 10-minutes. The research project itself will require you to participate in two online group discussions over the course of a couple of weeks and each discussion will last 3-hours. Eligible participants will receive £120.00 in total for their time (£60.00 per discussion). 

During this interview I will need to ask specific questions about your ethnicity. This information will only be collected with your explicit consent and is being collected to ensure that the research is representative.

Q1 Are you happy to continue on this basis?

Single code only.

1 Yes (continue)

2 No (thank and close)

Q2 Do you or any members of your immediate family work in any of the following areas, either in a paid or unpaid capacity? 

Single code only.

1 Journalism/the media (thank and close)

2 Publication relations (PR) (thank and close)

3 Market research (thank and close)

4 <insert occupation exclusions> (thank and close)

5 No none of these (continue) (thank and close)

6 Don't know (continue) (thank and close)

Q3a How long ago did you last attend a market research group discussion/depth interview?

Single code only.

1 In the last 6 months (thank and close)

2 6 months - 2 years ago (thank and close)

3 More than 2 years ago (ask Q3b)

4 Never (continue to Q4)

Q3b What was each of those market research studies about?

Write in: (if on a similar subject as this survey, close interview. 

Q3c If you are identified as having participated in other market research studies for Ipsos, or another research company, in the last 2 years during or following the session, or if any of the information you have provided is identified as being inaccurate, you may not receive monies for participating.
Please confirm you understand and are happy to proceed on that basis?

1 No (thank and close)

2 Yes (continue)

Q4 How would you describe your gender?

Single code. 

1 Male (recruit to quota)

2 Female (recruit to quota)

3 Non-binary (recruit to quota)

4 My gender is not listed (recruit to quota)

5 Prefer not to say (recruit to quota)

Q5a How old were you on your last birthday?

Write in and code exact age. 

1 Under 18 (recruit to quota)

2 18 to 29 (recruit to quota)

3 30 to 39 (recruit to quota)

4 40 to 49 (recruit to quota)

5 50 to 59 (recruit to quota)

6 60 to 64 (recruit to quota)

7 65+ (recruit to quota)

Q5b How would you describe your ethnicity?

Single code only. 

1 White British (recruit to quota)

2 White and Black Caribbean (recruit to quota)

3 White and Black African (recruit to quota)

4 White and Asian (recruit to quota)

5 Other mixed/multiple ethnic background, please specify: (recruit to quota)

6 Indian (recruit to quota)

7 Pakistan (recruit to quota)

8 Bangladeshi (recruit to quota)

9 Chinese (recruit to quota)

10 Other Asian background. Please specify: (recruit to quota)

11 Black African (recruit to quota)

12 Black Caribbean (recruit to quota)

13 Other Black/African/Caribbean background. Please specify: (recruit to quota)

14 Non-British European. Please specify: (recruit to quota)

15 Other. Please specify: (recruit to quota)

Q6a What is your current employment status?

Single code only. 

1 In full time employment (recruit to quota)

2 In part time employment (recruit to quota)

3 Currently not in paid employment (recruit to quota)

4 In full time education/studying (recruit to quota)

5 Look after the home/children (recruit to quota)

6 Carer (recruit to quota)

7 Retired (recruit to quota)

Q6b And could you tell me what it is you do for a living?
  • Position/rank/grade (recruit to quota)
  • Industry/type of company  (recruit to quota)
Q6c And could you tell me what the chief income earner does for a living (if not yourself)?
  • Position/rank/grade (recruit to quota)
  • Industry/type of company (recruit to quota)
  • Number in charge of (recruit to quota)
  • Social grade (recruit to quota)
Q7 Who, if anyone, do you live with?

1 Alone (single person household) (recruit to quota)

2 With a partner only (couple household) (recruit to quota)

3 Family household (recruit to quota)

4 With friends/house share (recruit to quota)

5 Other (recruit to quota)

Q8 Which of the following best describes the area you live in?

1 Rural (recruit to quota)

2 Town (recruit to quota)

3 City (recruit to quota)

Q9 What is the highest level of education you have achieved?

1 Not finished high school (recruit to quota, no degree)

2 GCSE/O Level or equivalent (recruit to quota, no degree)

3 A Level or equivalent (recruit to quota, no degree)

4 Tarde or specialist school (recruit to quota, no degree)

5 Undergraduate degree (recruit to quota, undergraduate degree or higher)

6 Postgraduate degree (recruit to quota, undergraduate degree or higher)

7 Other (write in) (recruit to quota)

Q10 Do you have any of the following dietary habits or restrictions?

1 Vegan (recruit to quota)

2 Vegetarian (recruit to quota)

3 Pescetarian

4 Food Allergy (recruit to quota)

5 Food Intolerance (recruit to quota)

6 Another food hypersensitivity for example Coeliac disease

7 Other (write in:)

8 No 

Q11 It may be necessary for Ipsos to contact you by email or telephone after the research has taken place to follow up on ideas generated during the discussion. You would only be contacted if strictly necessary and only in connection with this research. This is necessary in order to take part.  Are you happy to agree to be re-contacted on this basis?

1 Yes (continue)

2 No (thank and close)

Q12a Do you have access to a laptop, computer or tablet that you can use to take part in the online workshops? 
Phones are not suitable due to the small screen. 

1 Yes

2 No (record answer, inform of support: we can arrange to send you a tablet to use for this research if you are selected to take part)

Q12b Do you have a reliable internet connection, that would allow you to take part in zoom workshops with your camera on?

1 Yes

2 No (record answer, inform of support: we can arrange to send you a pre-paid Wi-FI dongle to use for this research if you are selected to take part)