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Synthesis Report: Common insights from the Efficacy of Recalls, Regulating our Future and Transparency research reports

A synthesis report identifying cross-cutting and emerging trends across three research projects: Efficacy of Recalls (2017), Regulating our Future (2016) and Transparency: understanding public views and priorities (2017).

Last updated: 1 October 2018
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Key findings

  • Consumers and food business operators (FBOs) typically do not look beyond their immediate contexts and needs when it comes to food issues.
  • Consumers and FBOs have high levels of trust in the UK food system as a whole - consumers think UK food standards are among the highest in the world and are rigorously enforced.
  • Although most consumers do not actively seek out information about food, consumers feel being able to access information is important - this is particularly the case for those with specific information needs, such as people with allergies.
  • The three projects in this synthesis considered different potential changes to how food businesses are regulated - for the most part, FBOs and consumers welcomed these proposed changes if they would increase consumer safety and target businesses that represent the greatest risk.
Research report