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Global differences

What are the differences in food production systems and food standards globally and how do they impact on trade and the food available to UK consumers? 

Food Systems are global and should be understood in that context. The UK’s exit from the EU makes the FSA’s role as a regulator for the food system even more important. We need to take a more prominent role to demonstrate our confidence in our food systems, our expertise, and our ability to highlight and tackle problems where we see them.  

The major aims of this Area of Research Interest (ARI) include: 

  • Benchmarking UK food production standards that are mandated by UK regulation, and how this contrasts to key trading partners.
  • Understanding the impact of third-party assurance and how it contributes to the food standards landscape.
  • Identifying how the UKs current approach to systems and standards will impact on UK consumers and food supply.
  • Identifying areas in which the UK may change its approach to allow consumers access to safe, healthy and sustainable food.

The work of this ARI will provide evidence on a range of issues in relation to how our current regulatory standards framework impacts on food availability in the UK and will support the UK’s future trade and international ambitions.  

This ARI is a new area of focus within the FSA and is currently undergoing further development.  


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