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Local Authority Capacity and Capability research

Local Authority Capacity and Capability: Annex C Infographics of qualification pathways

The infographics on the following slides present the training and career pathways for the Environmental Health (EH) and Trading Standards (TS) sectors.

 Any irregularities relating to wages are as a result of a ‘single point in time’ sample of available job vacancies with wages varying by location. As such the sample may not be representative of the wages of current employees within the sector.  The first infographic details the qualification route for Trading Standards and Environmental Health professionals. The following two infographics contain the Environmental Health and Trading Standards career routes respectively. The qualifications that feature in the top 2 levels of both of these infographics are examples of the typical qualification route that could be taken prior to entering the sector. Alternative routes are possible and will feature the apprenticeships and professional courses detailed on the first infographic.

Diagram outlining the qualification pathway to a Trading Standards or Environmental Health career.Diagram outlining the different job roles for an Environmental Health career, focussing on food and feed.Diagram outlining the roles for a trading standards, food standards or feed career.