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Social science

The FSA is committed to making sure that understanding of what people throughout the food chain think, feel and do informs our risk management and communication. Understanding the FSA’s impact on the world around us is also important, and the data gathered through our work helps us demonstrate our performance and to be accountable to the FSA Board and the UK public. We publish reports and data  from all our social science research.

Research reports

Consumer insights tracker

Research and consumer insight on behaviours and attitudes to food insecurity, food availability, consumer concerns and confidence in the food chain.

The Evolution of Personalised Nutrition

Health and wellbeing and susceptibility to disease are causally linked to food and nutrition intake, an observation that has informed dietary advice for centuries. However, physiological response to different food types varies greatly by individual, meaning that a “one size fits all” approach to nutritional advice may be inadequate to ensure optimum health outcomes.

Qualitative research exploring community food provision

This report explores the journey that food takes from suppliers to end consumers in the community food provision sector in the UK, to understand what support community providers might need in relation to food safety. 

Food and You 2: Wave 4 Key findings

The survey measures self-reported consumers’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to food safety and other food issues amongst adults in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

UK Public’s Interests, Needs and Concerns Around Food

This research has been conducted to feed into the development of our 2022-2027 strategy. The main research report provides a detailed snapshot of UK consumer interests, needs and concerns around food and what drives these.