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Social science

The FSA is committed to making sure that understanding of what people throughout the food chain think, feel and do informs our risk management and communication. Understanding the FSA’s impact on the world around us is also important, and the data gathered through our work helps us demonstrate our performance and to be accountable to the FSA Board and the UK public. We publish reports and data  from all our social science research.

Research reports

Food and You 2: 2020-2023 trends report

This is the first Food and You 2 trends report which provides an overview of key trends between Wave 1 (July 2020 to October 2020) and Wave 6 (October 2022 to January 2023).

Kitchen Life 2 Technical report

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) commissioned Kitchen Life 2 (KL2) to understand food safety practices in household and food business operator (FBO) kitchens.

Kitchen Life 2

Kitchen Life 2 is a behavioural research project that used video capture to understand real-life behaviour in household and business kitchens.

Consumer Insights Tracker

Monthly research and consumer insight on behaviours and attitudes towards food insecurity, food availability, consumer concerns and confidence in the food chain.