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A survey on the nutritional content and portion sizes of cheesecake

The FSA and the 11 district councils in Northern Ireland carried out a nutritional analysis survey of cheesecake served in restaurants and hotels in Northern Ireland. The results showed that portion sizes are often very large with bigger cheesecakes containing more energy, sugar, saturated fat and salt.

A survey on the nutritional content and portion sizes of scones

Key findings from research on sampled scones produced in Northern Ireland (NI) shows wide variations in portion size (g) and nutritional information (energy, sugar, fat, saturated fat, fibre and salt). The results will inform targeted interventions within the bakery sector, supported by technical expertise from academic institutions, to increase the availability of healthier products in local coffee shops, cafes and bakeries.

Survey of allergen labelling and allergen content of processed foods

The survey examined the type of allergen advisory labelling present on pre-packed processed foods sold in the UK, and aimed to quantify the level of allergens resulting from cross-contamination and establish whether the type of advisory labelling used related to the level of allergen present.

Evaluation of guidance on allergen management and consumer information

In 2006, we published voluntary Guidance on Allergen Management and Consumer Information. This is best practice guidance on controlling food allergens in the factory setting, with particular reference to avoiding cross-contamination and using appropriate advisory labelling (e.g. ‘may contain’ labelling).