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Regulation and business compliance

Evaluation of the Food Standards pilot

This report presents the findings from the evaluation of the pilot programme that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has completed to test a proposed food standards delivery model as part of the Achieving Business Compliance (ABC) programme.

Development of a Food Recall Prevention Platform

This project aims to reduce food allergy alerts by developing a software to help food businesses ensure accurate declaration of food allergens. It will provide a systematic determination of undeclared food allergens to enable food businesses to improve their food allergen management and enhance food traceability along the supply chain.

Baseline study with SME food businesses

Research study among small and medium-sized (SME) food businesses (FBOs) to measure awareness of and compliance with food safety guidelines and regulations.

Business information needs (February - March 2015)

This research aimed to understand business’ awareness of available information, perceived relevance and appeal of information, impact of materials currently used, format and channel preferences for guidance and identify any gaps in existing support and priorities for alteration.

Modernisation of the risk rating system for food establishments in the UK

The research aimed to develop the evidence base to inform the modernisation of the intervention rating schemes set out in the Food Law Code of Practice to reflect the complex changing nature of the food industry and the changes in the socio-economic circumstances facing local authorities and help deliver the FSA strategic objectives.