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About consultations

The FSA consults on changes to food and feed law, policy proposals that change our regulatory approach and impact on stakeholders. We also consult on other FSA activities that may be of wider interest to stakeholders, and more generally to gather evidence and better inform our understanding of, for example, consumer attitudes, business practice and local authority approaches to delivering official controls.
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Traditional consultation

The FSA has traditionally produced written consultation documents.  This form of consultation seeks views on changes to legislation and issues that have a broader spectrum of stakeholder interest, or otherwise where this style compliments this form of consultation or where expectations on the format wide of the consultation make this approach more beneficial.  

Help shape our policies

Help shape our policies enhance the effectiveness of our engagement with stakeholders and make the process more meaningful.  This approach is often used to consult on EU policy negotiations, where evidence is needed quickly to inform the UK position, or to gather the necessary evidence to support development and implementation of our approach, particularly where proposed changes are intended to deliver identified benefits that are desirable to introduce without undue delay.   

Consulting on rapidly developing policy

Consulting on rapidly developing policy provides regular updates on policy developments at EU working groups and seek their input throughout the process. This approach allows us to have more meaningful consultation with our stakeholders on issues that might be considered over very long periods, but for which developments and policy adoption can occur rapidly.