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Privacy notice for the Food and You Survey

Information on the Food and You 2 Survey privacy policy, why we require data, what we do with the data and your rights.
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The Food Standards Agency (FSA) will be what is known as the ‘Controller’ of the personal data provided to us.

Purpose and law basis of processing

We need to collect this information for the purpose of conducting social research as part of the Food and You 2 research, conducted on our behalf by Ipsos MORI, which asks participants about their attitudes and behaviours around cooking, shopping and eating, to ensure we understand consumer needs in relation to food.  We do this as part of our statutory duty under the Food Standards Act 1999, to protect public health and promote food safety and food standards.

If you provide an email address in order to receive a gift voucher as a thank you for taking part in the survey, you consent to your email address being used by Ipsos MORI to send you the voucher. They will only use your email address to send you your gift voucher and will not contact you for any other reason or pass your email address to anyone else.

If you provide your contact details (e.g. name, address) in order to take part in future research, you consent to the FSA using your details for this purpose.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us or contacting Ipsos MORI who will pass your request to us.

How and where we store your data and who we may share it with 

Your responses to the survey will be anonymised and passed to the FSA by Ipsos MORI. This means that you cannot be identified from the information.  Anonymised data will be retained indefinitely and be published as open data in the UK Data Service.  

Where you consent to being contacted for future research, your contact details will be linked to your survey responses and be passed to the FSA to help us identify groups of interest.  This means that you will be identifiable from the information for this sole purpose. Only anonymised data will be published.

We retain contact details only for as long as necessary to carry out our research function, and in line with our retention policy. This means that this information will be retained for 2 years from receipt.  Ipsos MORI also retain the contact details for 2 years.

For more  information on How and where we store your data and who we may share it with see our Personal Information Charter.

For information on how we might use and share data as part of our risk monitoring function, see the Monitoring and Evaluation of Risks section in our Personal Information Charter.  

International transfers  

For more information on international transfers, please see the International transfers section in our Personal Information Charter.  

EU citizens

For more information on EU Citizens Privacy Notice, please see the EU citizens section in our Personal Information Charter.  

Your rights

For more information on your rights, please see the Your rights section in our Personal Information Charter.  

Contact us  

If you have any queries concerning this Privacy Notice, your personal information or any questions on our use of the information, please email our Data Protection Officer in the FSA, who is the Information Management and Security Team Leader using the address below.