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Applying for approval of a meat or food establishment

Applying for local authority approval of a food establishment

How to apply for local authority approval and the approval process

Establishments that require local authority approval

Approval is required for certain food establishments that handle products of animal origin, such as meat, fish, egg, dairy products, and processed products of animal origin, which supply other establishments.

These establishments may be subject to approval, either by the FSA or by a local authority. Examples of such establishments can be found on our How to apply for approval of a meat or food establishment page.

This webpage deals specifically with local authority approvals.

If you are unsure whether you require approval, or have any questions about applying for approval, please contact your local authority 

Please note: It is a criminal offence for a food establishment that is subject to approval, to operate unless approval has been granted by the local authority.

Most food businesses that don’t require approval, must be registered with their local authority.

Details on who needs to register and how to register can be found on our Register a new food business page.

Apply for local authority approval

List of approved food establishments