Approved food establishments

Establishments that need to be approved and any exemptions that apply.
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Approved establishments in the UK and EU

Wholesale food businesses supplying food of animal origin require approval by the competent authority under Regulation 853/2004. 

We publish details of all the approved establishments in the UK.

There are also lists of EU member states approved establishments.

Establishments that are approved by us

The following establishments require veterinary control and must be approved by us:

  • slaughterhouses
  • cutting plants
  • game handling establishments
  • wholesale meat markets


Food Standards Scotland (FSS) approves these establishments.

Establishments that need approval

Establishments that are approved by local authorities include meat establishments, fish and shellfish establishments and animal produce establishments.

Meat establishments that require approval

Establishments include cold stores that are re-wrapping and re-packaging meat, minced meat, meat preparations and mechanically separated meat establishments.

Processing plants for:

  • meat products
  • rendered animal fats and greaves
  • treated stomachs
  • bladders and intestines
  • gelatine
  • collagen
How to apply for the approval of a slaughterhouse, cutting plant and game handling establishment

Fish and shellfish establishments that require approval

Establishments live bivalve molluscs (LBMs) including dispatch centres and purification centres.

Establishments working with fishery products using:

  • factory and freezing vessels
  • processing plants
  • fresh fishery products
  • auction hall
  • wholesale markets

Animal produce establishments that require approval

Establishments that produce raw milk and dairy products and egg and egg product establishments including:

  • packing centres
  • processing plants
  • liquid egg plants

You can find contact details of your local authority using the ‘Find your local council’ page online.

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