Dairy registration and inspections

Legislation that sets out what we enforce, what inspectors supervise and how to apply for registration of a milk production holding.
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Milk production holding registration

To be able to produce milk and milk products, you will need to register.

You can find the guide for milk producers below.

Dairy hygiene inspections

Our dairy hygiene inspections ensure a satisfactory standard of hygiene is maintained on all dairy farms. We do this by inspecting milking premises, equipment, milk-producing animals and enforcing satisfactory standards.

The inspections help to protect the nation's raw milk supply from the risk of contamination by bacteria and other substances, some of which are potentially harmful.

    Frequency of inspections 

    Different delivery mechanisms across England, Wales and Northern Ireland can mean that similar farms in different parts of the country are subject to different inspection frequencies.

    Additional checks are carried out on farms that are members of the Assured Dairy Farmer scheme - a Red Tractor assurance scheme. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, there are approximately 12,000 holdings that are audited every 18 months against the Assured Dairy Farm Scheme standards.