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Healthier catering guidance for different types of businesses

Northern Ireland specific

Guidance for food businesses on providing and promoting healthier food and drink.

Last updated: 11 November 2020
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About this guidance

This healthier catering advice describes simple practical changes that different types of businesses can make when procuring, preparing, cooking, serving and promoting food. This guidance builds on previous work to support local businesses for example, on salt reduction, and reflects government dietary recommendations for sugars, the Eatwell Guide and 5 A Day advice.

Guidance is available for different types of food businesses:

This guidance is also available in accessible PDF formats:

By gradually making the simple changes covered in these tips, businesses can help their customers make healthier choices.

This guidance also compliments the FSA’s Eating Well, Choosing Better programme which supports small and medium sized businesses to help consumers make healthy choices and reflects the UK Government’s sugar reduction and wider reformulation programme.