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Nutritional Standards for Health and Social Care settings

HSC Nutritional Standards: fruit and vegetables

Northern Ireland specific

Nutritional Standards in HSC settings: Fruit and Vegetables

Last updated: 25 February 2022
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Last updated: 25 February 2022
See all updates

Nutritional Standards

2.1 At least five different types of fruit and vegetables must be available every day.

2.2 A minimum of two vegetables or salad vegetables must be available at each meal service. 

2.3 Any tinned vegetables and pulses must meet UK-wide salt targets for industry, Public Health England. Salt reduction targets for 2014

2.4 A portion of fruit must be cheaper than a portion of hot or cold dessert*.

2.5 Pies, casseroles, stews and other composite dishes such as Bolognese sauce or curry must include a portion* (raw weight) of vegetables or fruit per serving. This portion could be from a number of different fruits or vegetables. 

2.6 At least 75 per cent of fruit juice, vegetable juice and smoothies on display must be in single-serve packs (pack size 150 to 200 ml). 

2.7 At least one salad option at each service must be offered without salad dressing. 

2.8 Sugar and salt must not be added to this food group during cooking or before service. 

*A portion of fruit or vegetables is 80 g and a portion of dried fruit is 30 g.

What foods are included

  • fresh, frozen, tinned, juiced and dried fruit
  • fresh, frozen, tinned and juiced vegetables
  • unsweetened, 100 per cent fruit and vegetable juices (limited to one 150 ml serving per day, which counts towards the recommended daily five portions of fruit and vegetables)
  • beans and pulses are also included as “vegetables” but only count as a maximum of one portion per day