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Nutritional Standards for Health and Social Care settings

HSC Nutritional Standards: future development

Northern Ireland specific

The development of Nutritional Standards in HSC settings has been the first step in the process towards making healthier choices available to staff and visitors across the public sector. 

Last updated: 25 February 2022
Last updated: 25 February 2022

It has been recognised that further resources and support are required to successfully implement the Standards.

Future developments include: 

  • production of a tool to standardise analysis of menu cycles. This will provide catering staff with information to support the availability of healthier choice meal options for food produced on site at Health and Social Care (HSC) and public sector food outlets
  • additional information or a “toolkit” to aid caterers in implementing the Nutritional Standards across HSC settings and the wider public sector
  • a communication plan to increase awareness of the Nutritional Standards to all HSC staff and visitors who use catering, private retail and vending services
  • guidance on including the Nutritional Standards in tenders for procurement of catering services, particularly for use in local councils and government departments
  • a vending guidance has been developed and work is ongoing to achieve full implementation