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Wine regulation

Guidance on how the FSA enforces wine regulations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Last updated: 30 December 2020
Last updated: 30 December 2020

The FSA is responsible for the enforcement of wine regulations in the UK. This covers all premises and traders within the production and marketing chain, including wholesalers, warehouses and vineyards. Retail premises come under the control of local authorities.

The Wine Standards Inspection Team can be contacted by email at or through your regional inspector.


The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has launched a digital guide - Food and drink businesses: working with the EU. It covers the key actions food and drink businesses may need to take after the end of the transition period.

The guide will host the most up to date guidance for wine producers and traders, with changes and additions made as further information is confirmed.

How the FSA regulates wine businesses

The FSA is responsible for encouraging growers, producers and traders to comply with laws on wine by offering advice and education.

We carry out a programme of inspections, using risk analysis to deliver a targeted and cost-effective service.

We identify breaches of the law and gather evidence for legal action in serious cases, often working with other regulatory bodies.

We  ensure the safety, quality, authenticity and correct labelling of wine products. Our enforcement covers trade and premises within the production and distribution chain. This includes bottling plants, bonded warehouses, importers, wholesalers, vineyards and wineries.

We also maintain the UK Vineyards Register which records areas under vine and production returns from producers.

We have further guidance on how to register a vineyard.

Wine retailers, liquor licensing and fruit wine

Wine regulations at retail premises are enforced by local authorities. For enquiries and guidance about wine with any fruits other than grape, contact your local Trading Standards team.

Local authorities administer the Liquor Licensing requirements which fall under Personal and Premises Licences. For more information about trade and wine, visit the Wine and Spirit Trade Association.