Process for the authorisation of Transportation of Warm Meat

Last updated:
8 October 2015
Guidance on the authorisation for Transportation of Warm Meat

Under Regulation (EC) 853/2004, Annex III, Section I, Chapter VII paragraphs 1 to 3 the Food Standards Agency (FSA) may authorise slaughterhouses  to transport warm meat from domestic ungulates.

EU hygiene legislation requires meat to attain a certain temperature (7ÂșC), arrived at by a continuous decrease in temperature following the slaughter and dressing process in slaughterhouses. This temperature must also be maintained during storage and transport. Exceptions in relation to transport are permitted provided the meat leaves the slaughterhouse immediately (a guideline 3 hour period from the completion of the post-mortem inspection of the first animal slaughtered to be transported warm, to the departure of the vehicle) and is subject to specific competent authority authorisation and a two hour time limit for transport to another establishment. Controlling the temperature and time is intended to inhibit bacterial growth and so protect public health.

The requirement for warm meat to leave the slaughterhouse immediately should be interpreted to mean that transport should commence immediately after activity in the slaughterhouse on the meat has ceased, with such activity including, where relevant, cutting in a co-located cutting plant.

Meat that is partially chilled does not have to leave the premises immediately but must adhere to the 2 hour transport rule.

Food business operators wishing to transport warm meat must seek permission from the Food Standards Agency.

Application process

To apply for an authorisation for the transport of warm meat please contact your FSA Official Veterinarian, who can advise you on the steps of the application process.

Guidance on the process can be found below.

Alternatively, for further information please contact:

Approvals and Registration Team
Food Standards Agency
Room 112
Kings Pool
1-2 Peasholme Green
York YO1 7PR

tel: 01904 232060

After the authorisation has been granted

Once an authorisation has been granted it may be amended, suspended or revoked if the FSA is not satisfied the conditions by which it was granted are continued to be met.

Appeals Process

Where an amendment, suspension or revocation is issued, the FBO will have the right to appeal this decision.

The FBO can make their appeal by writing to the Operations Head Veterinarian within 21 days of the date of the notice.

The effect of the notice will remain in place during the appeal so the FBO must cease transportation of warm meat to establishments no longer contained in their authorisation.

The outcome of the appeal will be communicated to the OV and to the FBO within 20 working days.