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Transportation of ‘above temperature’ meat from red meat slaughterhouses

How to apply for authorisation to transport ‘above temperature’ meat from red meat slaughterhouses.

Hygiene legislation requires all slaughterhouses to keep meat below 7°C before it is transported. ‘Above temperature’ or ‘warm’ meat is meat that reaches 7°C and above before it’s transported to authorised establishments. 

Application process

You can apply for an authorisation to transport partially chilled meat above this temperature if the requirements in Regulation 2017/1981 are met.

You can also apply for an authorisation to transport above temperature meat for the production of specific products if there is a technological reason why the meat does not need to be reduced to below the legal requirement.

Guidance designed for industry can be found below.

To apply for an authorisation to transport warm meat you need to contact one of our Official Veterinarians. They will discuss the application process with you and requirements that need to be met.

After authorisation is granted

Once an authorisation has been granted it may be amended, suspended or revoked if we are not satisfied that the right conditions are being met.

Appeals process

Where an amendment, suspension or cancellation is issued, you will have the right to appeal this decision.

You can make an appeal by writing to the Approvals Team within 20 working days of the date of the notice.

During the appeals process you must stop transportation of warm meat to establishments that were previously included in your authorisation.

The appeal will be investigated by a Field Veterinary Leader and the outcome will be communicated to you and to the Official Veterinarian within 20 working days of the decision.

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