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FSA publishes its Annual Report and Accounts for 2022/23

Today we published our Consolidated, Westminster, Wales and Northern Ireland Annual Report and Accounts for the past financial year. These cover our performance and activities in 2022/23 across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Last updated: 31 January 2024
Last updated: 31 January 2024

In the foreword, the FSA's Chair, Professor Susan Jebb writes: 

“I would like to commend the FSA Executive for all of its work over the last year to uphold food standards and to protect public health. Thanks also to everyone involved in the careful preparation of this annual report and accounts which allows others to scrutinise our work. The FSA Board has been monitoring performance throughout the year and we are confident that the FSA continues to do a good job in maintaining high food standards.” 

In the report, FSA Chief Executive, Emily Miles says: 

"This report sets out the achievements of the FSA over the last financial year, from our work responding to more than 2,000 food incidents, to our role inspecting meat and dairy businesses. Across science, regulatory reform and risk analysis, the FSA is delivering on its mission to ensure food you can trust.

Unanticipated pressures placed extra demands on FSA staff and resources in the last year. Against this backdrop, consumer confidence in food safety and authenticity has remained high.” 

To find out more about our activities and performance during 2022/23, read the full report

Our year in numbers 

Activity and performance across England, Wales and Northern Ireland included the following. 

Hygiene and standards: 

  • 91% of respondents have heard of the FSA as at 31 March 2023 (90% at 31 March 2022).  

  • Of those who have some knowledge of the FSA, 75% trust the FSA to make sure food is safe and what it says it is (unchanged from 31 March 2022).  

Meat food business 

  • 98.7% of meat food business operators scored good, or generally satisfactory, audit outcomes as at 31 March 2023 (slightly lower than the 98.9% rated good, or generally satisfactory, as at 31 March 2022).  

    97% completion of full meat audits in Q4 2022/23 (up from 82% in Q4 2021/22). 

Local authorities 

  • 99.5% interventions achieved at category A-rated establishments.  

    99.0% interventions achieved at category B-rated establishments.  

Food crime 

  • 85 disruptions achieved (up from 67 in 2021/22) – disruptions record the impact the Unit has in relation to tackling criminal and fraudulent activity, such as executing a search warrant.  

Our people 

  • Civil Service people survey – 69% Engagement score on the civil service people survey (up from 68% in the 2021 survey). Engagement measures employee commitment to organisational goals and values, and motivation to contribute to organisational success.