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September 2023 FSA Board Meeting

The September 2023 FSA Board meeting takes place today at 9.00am.

Last updated: 20 September 2023
Last updated: 20 September 2023

The meeting is being held in Southampton and is chaired by the FSA’s chair, Professor Susan Jebb. You can still register to view it online.

The agenda for this meeting includes: 

  • Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) 
  • Annual Animal Welfare Update 2022/23 
  • Incidents and Resilience Annual Report 2022/23 
  • Risk Analysis Process and Regulated Products Service Update

A full agenda and published papers can be viewed in the Board meeting section of our website. 

How to register for the open Board meeting 

The September 2023 Board meeting will be an open meeting, and you can register to watch the meeting live online.

If you need help to register, or have any queries, please contact: 

Questions to the Board

To view the questions received by the FSA prior to the meeting, visit our Board page.