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The FSA is helping to keep Students safe in the kitchen with new a Student guide

When going to university or living away from home for the first time, young people may be taking on more responsibility for deciding what food they eat and how to prepare it. So, it’s important that these young adults understand food hygiene.

Last updated: 17 November 2021
Last updated: 17 November 2021

The Food Standards Agency today launches a four-week campaign to educate students on the basics of food hygiene. This will include a partnership with The Tab online newspaper, a student-led publication as well as working with partners such as the National Union of Students (NUS).

Our new Consumer messaging research demonstrates that those who are less confident about food preparation and cooking are more receptive to food hygiene advice, providing a great opportunity to inform, and hopefully impact on potentially risky behaviours.

Narriman Looch, Head of Foodborne Disease Control at the Food Standards Agency says:

'Students who have left home are gaining a wider set of experiences and skills and most at this stage become responsible for their own budgeting, food shopping and cooking – this can come with challenges. Our Food and You 2 data shows that there are specific areas that young people often struggle with. For example, storing raw food separate from cooked food and keeping to the use-by date. So, it's important that they are aware of how to stay safe when managing their food.'

Our food hygiene messages focus on behaviours specific to students, such as sharing refrigerators and storing leftovers and include:

  • Understanding use-by and best before dates 
  • Freezing and defrosting your food 
  • Food Hygiene in a shared fridge 
  • Cooking your food properly

The full guide is available to view at Students guide to food hygiene safety