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Changing diets

How can we support the necessary transition to more healthy and sustainable diets, and what will be the impact on the UK food system, including food security, safety and standards?

Our five-year strategy signals our intention to work with partners and other stakeholders across the UK’s food system to achieve healthier and more sustainable food. This includes our role as an evidence generator and through evaluating what works using behavioural trials.

In parallel, the way that food is produced, sourced and consumed will be influenced by a drive for healthier and sustainable diets. We will need to monitor and consider the impact of these changes on food safety (including unintended consequences) and the wider interests of UK food consumer.

This ARI is a new area of focus within the FSA and is currently in development. 


Research projects related to the programme

The Evolution of Personalised Nutrition

Health and wellbeing and susceptibility to disease are causally linked to food and nutrition intake, an observation that has informed dietary advice for centuries. However, physiological response to different food types varies greatly by individual, meaning that a “one size fits all” approach to nutritional advice may be inadequate to ensure optimum health outcomes.