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Development of Reference Materials for food allergen analysis

Development of reference materials: Project governance

This section outlines the structure and responsibilities of the consortium for this analysis.

Last updated: 14 June 2023
Last updated: 14 June 2023

The structure and responsibilities of the consortium are outlined in Figure 1. A management committee was formed to oversee the project. The membership of the committee was LGC: Dr Michael Walker (chair) Gill Holcombe, Will Webster (secretariat); University of Manchester: Professor Clare Mills, Dr Chiara Nitride; Romer labs: Adrian Rogers. The committee met face to face and electronically. Six formal meetings were held, generally alternating between LGC Teddington and UoM, Manchester or electronically with further informal telecons as necessary. Internal project meetings took place within LGC on an informal and a formal basis; the formal meetings included a planning meeting for the production of the RM (held 24 May 2018) and a certification meeting (held 30 July 2019). Minutes of all formal meetings are available (on a commercial-in-confidence basis) on request. In addition progress reports were made to FSA on a monthly basis by telecon with Dr Jesus Alvarez-Piñera, latterly including Mr Ross Yarham, and (from 2020) Mrs Bhavna Parmar.

Figure 1: Structure of the delivery team (accessible version)

  1. FSA
  2. Project Management Committee: Dr Michael Walker (LGC) Chair, Gill Holcombe (LGC), Professor Clare Mills, Dr Chiara Nitride (UoM), Will Webster (LGC) - Secretariat.
  3. Gill Holcombe (LGC) - RM Project Leader
  • LGC - Dr Steve Ellison RM and Statistics Consultant
  • Dr Michael Walker Team Consultant
  • Dr Malcolm Burns Principal Scientist
  • Dr Thierry Le Goff Commercial Manager
  • RM production team
  • Molecular Biology Team
  • Malvinder Singh Senior Food Analyst (ELISA)

The University of Manchester

  • Professor Clare Mills
  • Dr Chiara Nitride
  • Dr Victoria Lee
  • Anuradha Balasundaram

Romer Labs

  • Adrian Rogers
Explained in the text.