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Research project

Food and You 2: Wave 1-2

Northern Ireland and Wales specific

Research from Food and You 2: Wave 1-2


Food and You 2 is a biannual survey which measures self-reported consumer knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to food safety and other food issues amongst adults in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

The survey is primarily carried out online using a methodology known as ‘push-to-web’.

Fieldwork for Food and You 2: Wave 1 was conducted between 29 July and 6 October 2020. A total of 9,319 adults from 6,408 households across England, Northern Ireland, and Wales completed the survey.

Fieldwork for Food and You 2: Wave 2 was conducted between 20 November 2020 and 21 January 2021. A total of 5,900 adults from 3,955 households across England, Wales and Northern Ireland  completed the survey.


Secondary analysis projects based on data from wave 1-2

Northern Ireland