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The Cost of Food Crime Phase 2

The Cost of Food Crime Phase 2 - Project Brief and Deliverables

This research is to produce estimates of the cost of food crime on UK society.


  1. This research – Phase 2 – will draw on findings and outputs from Phase 1, Cox et al. (2020)(footnote). The aim for phase 2 will be to build on Phase 1 using its outputs and methods to produce monetised estimates pertaining to the cost of food crime
  2. The overarching aim of this research is to produce robust estimates of the cost of food crime on UK society that uses a bottom-up approach; identifying costs to individuals, businesses and government. The research in itself can be considered ground-breaking in that current estimates of the cost of food crime are based on high level estimates and proxy numbers.
  3. The exact outputs will depend on the methodology decided upon by the contractor of the work, however the deliverables expected are as follows:

i) A bespoke, self-contained database containing all data that is used in the case studies. This should be easily updatable and accessible to all users.

ii) Extrapolated estimates of the total economic cost of food crime, along with sensitivity tests.

iii) Manuals for both the database and model.

iv) A report including the results, as well as the assumptions made and where improvements may be possible as more data and data sourcing techniques become available in the future.

v) PowerPoint presentation summarising the results of the project, as well as how they have been constructed.

vi) As part of the conceptual framework developed in phase 1, the total cost was broken down into individual cost areas and methods of calculating these costs were suggested.

vii) Both the database and model will need to be updateable, such that pending improvements in data collection or changes in economic conditions can be reflected in the framework accordingly.