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Home slaughter of livestock

Legal requirements and guidance for home slaughter.
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You can slaughter your own livestock animal on your farm or property if it will be eaten by you and your family. However you must adhere to the legal requirements set out in the Home slaughter of livestock guide England and Wales.

This guidance document is for:

  • animal owners considering slaughter of animal on the farm or on the premises where the animal is kept
  • local authorities which are responsible for enforcement and monitoring on farm

The purpose of the guide is to reduce the risks to human health by:

  • providing advice on how to legally carry out the home slaughter of livestock.

This guide does not cover all livestock species but is particularly applicable to:

  • cattle
  • sheep
  • goats

Northern Ireland

There is a specific home slaughter of livestock guide for Northern Ireland. This provides information on the law in this country.

Contact Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) Direct Regional offices for information on: