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Home slaughter of livestock

Legal requirements and guidance for home slaughter.

Last updated: 30 September 2020

You can have your own livestock animal slaughtered on your farm or property if it will be eaten by you and your immediate family living there. However, you must adhere to the legal requirements set out in the home slaughter of livestock guide England and Wales. 

This guidance document is for: 

  • Livestock owners considering slaughter on farm for their own personal consumption or that of members of their immediate family living there. 

  • Holders of a licence to slaughter animals or a Certificate of Competence issued by the relevant competent authority who carry out home slaughter under the responsibility and supervision of the livestock owner on farm for the owner’s personal consumption or that of members of their immediate family living there. 

  • Enforcement Authorities which are responsible for enforcement and monitoring on farm. 

The purpose of the guide is to protect the food and feed chain and minimise any potential risks to human and animal health and welfare by: 

  • providing advice on the conditions that must be met to allow the legal home slaughter of livestock. 

This guide does not cover all livestock species but is particularly applicable to: 

  • cattle 

  • sheep
  • goats 

Northern Ireland

There is a specific home slaughter of livestock guide for Northern Ireland. This provides information on the law in this country.

Contact Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) Direct Regional offices for information on:

England and Wales

Northern Ireland