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FSA Board & Business Committee Meeting - December 2021

FSA Board Meeting - December 2021: Agenda and Papers

Agenda and papers for The FSA Board meeting on 8 December 2021 at The Coal Exchange, Cardiff and via Zoom.

The agenda for this meeting includes:

  • FSA EU Transition Update
  • Achieving Business Compliance Programme
  • Science Update 2021
  • Advisory Committee for Social Science Update 2021
  • Consumer Insights 2021

The FSA Business Committee Meeting follows the FSA Board meeting.

Minutes and Questions

Minutes of the Board and Business Committee  Meetings and a list of the questions, with answers, submitted for this meeting.

09:00 - Chair's introduction

Professor Susan Jebb presents the minutes and actions from the previous FSA Board meeting in September 2021. Director of Communications Steven Pollock shares the questions received in advance of the Board meeting and Susan Jebb presents the Chair's report.

09:20 - The Chief Executive's report to the FSA Board

Emily Miles presents the Chief Executive's report to the FSA Board.

09:55 - FSA EU Transition Policy Update

Rebecca Sudworth and Anjali Juneja present a paper reflecting on the current position one year after the end of the EU transition period and focussing on future areas of four country policy activity.

10:30 - Achieving Business Compliance Programme 

Katie Pettifer and Carmel Lynskey present a paper providing an update on the progress being made by the Achieving Business Compliance (ABC) programme, particularly on the project to look at enterprise level regulation and the work underway to quantify the level of risk posed by food sold online.

11:05 - Break

11:20 - Science Update 2021

Rick Mumford presents a paper giving an annual update on FSA’s science, including the role of science in the FSA; the benefits of FSA science; a description of our science capability; a review of the work undertaken since the last update; and a summary the top priorities for the next 12 months and beyond.

11:55 - Advisory Committee for Social Science Update 2021

Julie Hill presents a paper to update the Board on the activities of the Advisory Committee for Social Science (ACSS).   

12:15 - Consumer insights 2021

Michelle Patel presents a paper giving an outline of the methods used to gather consumer insights; a summary of trends in consumers’ concerns and interests; key learnings from our consumer insight programme; and an outline of the priorities for our consumer insight programme for the coming year.

12:35 - Report from Meeting of Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (ARAC)

Colm McKenna shares a summary of the ARAC meeting on 23 November.

12:45 - Reports from the Chairs of the Food Advisory Committees

Oral reports from the Chairs of the Food Advisory Committees by Colm McKenna and Peter Price.

12:55 - Any other business

End of Board Meeting