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FSA People Plan 2023 to 2026

Our people plan: An enabling organisation

We’ll be an enabling organisation where our agility and impact are supported by effective infrastructure, organisational set up and processes.

Our culture enquiry highlighted our deep commitment to our mission however, it also showed that priorities, structures and responsibilities across teams and directorates can be unclear. This can make it more difficult to collaborate effectively - especially in an increasingly geographically diverse workforce where people are working remotely (whether on the front line or multi-location/home-enabled). 
We’ll be an enabling organisation where our agility and impact are supported by effective infrastructure, organisational set up and processes. 

Our organisation wide Connect programme brings people and finance systems into a single system, streamlining processes, improving management reporting and making it easier for you to complete administrative tasks. This will drive culture change and improve digital capability. 

We’ll help you manage your workloads with rigorous and ongoing prioritisation to reflect what’s most important at any given time, in line with our guiding principle to take a risk based and proportionate approach to all work.

Through our estates strategy and Our Ways of Working (OWOW) we will provide you with attractive, inclusive and effective FSA workspaces across the United Kingdom where you can come together to collaborate and build effective working relationships to optimise our performance, whatever your contract choice or role.

“Joining a new organization and working remotely I envisaged that forming relationships within the team might cause difficulties however, this has not been the case. Meet and greets were organised across the directorate enabling me to form strong relationships not only within the Executive Support Unit but across a wide range of teams. 

I am impressed with the training and ongoing support that is offered which enables me to carry out my role effectively. Having worked in other Civil Service departments it is refreshing to now work for an organisation that actively champions flexible working rather than just paying lip service to this.” 

Clodagh O’ Doherty, Executive Support Officer Northern Ireland

Table 3: Planned activities for an enabling organisation

In year one we will... We'll know it's worked with

13. Roll out a single People and Finance system

Implement Finance and core HR modules on Workday.

Provide training and guidance for managers and staff on how to effectively use the new HR and Finance system.

Improved ease and range of reporting/ management information including finance and people forecasting.

Completion rate of training.

User feedback of time saving, capability and improved synergies. 

14. Improve corporate prioritisation and planning 

Hold regular EMT/BDG workshops to enable cross-organisation prioritisation and planning, breaking down silos and considering important business as usual and people management commitments.

Ensure that staff feedback on workload is a priority for review by senior leaders (SCS) when people survey and pulse survey results are released to differentiate between surge effort and sustained patterns of overwhelm.

Prioritise effective people and workload management via extended check ins. 

Improved people and pulse survey scores for workload and overwhelm.

Reduction of the Overwhelm culture theme in our next culture enquiry.

A reduction in excess flexi-hours carried over at the end of each period for people in non-frontline roles. 

15. Develop our Estates Strategy to support Our Ways of Working

Develop a modern hybrid estates strategy which optimises use of our estate, ensures inclusivity, accessibility and value for money whilst supporting Our Ways of Working and aligns to the Government Property Agency model.

Clarify organisational expectations around when we should come together in person to build and support strong collaborative relationships whilst maintain our flexibility and ensuring value for money.

Reduction of the Disconnect and Disjointed culture themes in our next culture enquiry.

Improved people survey results relating to relationships and work environment. 

Increased usage of our offices across the UK.


In year 2 and 3 we will... We'll know it's worked with...

16. Explore additional HR modules on Workday

Explore and implement possible additional functionality for example, Total reward statements, talent management, performance management, recruitment.

Improved ease and range of reporting/management information.