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FSA People Plan 2023 to 2026

Our people plan: Three year roadmap

Our people plan three year roadmap setting out the actions under each theme and the order they will be completed.

Year one 2023 to 2024

Exceptional employee experience

1. Review our reward and benefits package

2. Further investigate wellbeing into our working

3. Embed our ASPIRE values

Maximising capability

5. Focus on fair, supportive, inclusive and consistent people management

6. Complete strategic skills and capability forecasting

7. Maintain momentum on inclusion

An enabling organisation

13. Roll out a single People and Finance system

14. Improve corporate planning and prioritisation 

15. Develop our Estates strategy to support OWOW

Year two and three 2024 to 2026

Exceptional employee experience

4. Repeat our culture enquiry

Maximising capability

8. Enhance our people management capability

9. Introduce annual corporate development

10. Evolve our succession planning and talent management

11. Become best in class for inclusion

12. Support development of Government Veterinary Profession graduate

An enabling organisation

16. Explore additional HR modules on Workday