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FSA People Plan 2023 to 2026

Our people plan: our commitments - what we will deliver

To deliver our people vision, our people plan is built around employee experience, capability and becoming an enabling organisation.

We are well on the way to becoming the organisation we want to be but there is more we need to do and our people plan articulates how we will get there. 

Our people work in different locations and environments, both because of our frontline operations and our award winning Our Ways of Working (OWOW) offering. This makes it ever more important to unite through our shared mission, strategy and values, whilst enabling flexibility to reflect frontline and non-frontline requirements.

Our people plan is rooted in feedback from colleagues, especially from the civil service people survey, our culture enquiry, and our work around prioritisation. To deliver our people vision, our people plan is built around the following three key themes:

  • an excellent employee experience
  • maximising capability
  • being an enabling organisation

The first year focuses on strengthening our foundations, particularly around aspects such as line management, prioritisation, wellbeing, recognition & reward and culture which are critical keystones to support you in delivering our priorities and strategy. We will clarify expectations about when and why we come together in person to achieve the optimum balance between flexibility and connection so people feel supported by and engaged with one another regardless of role or location. 

Years two and three will focus on building upon these foundations by introducing new initiatives and striving for even higher standards to help us progress us on our journey to becoming the purposeful and dynamic organisation necessary for the future.

“The new people plan is really exciting. The three themes are going to ensure that the FSA remains an excellent employer, empower employees, and ensure that we all have the capabilities and skills we need to make this a great organisation. I can't wait to see how the plan is put into action!”

Lowri Williams, Senior Communications Manager Wales