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Manual for official controls

Legal requirements and standards for approved meat establishments.
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Once your premises have been approved, you will find the Manual for Official Controls (MOC) beneficial for further information.

The MOC describes the tasks, responsibilities and duties of our staff carrying out official controls in approved establishments.

Manual for Official Controls guidance

The Manual for Official Controls documentation is accurate as of 13 May 2021. Changes to the MOC can be found in the revision log.


EU references in FSA guidance documents

The FSA is updating all EU references, to accurately reflect the law now in force, in all new or amended guidance published since the Transition Period ended at the end of 2020.  In some circumstance it may not always be practicable for us to have all EU references updated at the point we publish new or amended guidance. 

Other than in Northern Ireland, any references to EU Regulations in this guidance should be read as meaning retained EU law. You can access retained EU law via HM Government EU Exit Web Archive. This should be read alongside any EU Exit legislation that was made to ensure retained EU law operates correctly in a UK context. EU Exit legislation is on  In Northern Ireland, EU law will continue to apply in respect to the majority of food and feed hygiene and safety law, as listed in the Northern Ireland Protocol, and retained EU law will not apply to Northern Ireland in these circumstances.

Manual for Official Controls revision log

Changes to the Manual for Official Controls as of 13 May 2021.

Chapter 2.1

  • Section 3.2.2 and 4.1.2 - Amendments of sections 3.2.2 and 4.1.2 to introduce the new annexes detailing the comprehensive listings of conditions agreed with industry and stakeholders that are recorded in IRIS      
  • Annex 6 - New Annex 6 IRIS Ante-Mortem Conditions
  • Annex 7 - IRIS Post mortem Conditions

Chapter 2.3

  • Section 6.3.4 - Amended to reflect changes to the annexes.
  • Section 6.4.2 - Amendments to step1 and Step 4 added to the process for OV decision making following a 4 score welfare incident.  
  • Annex 2a - New Annex 2a Aide memoire CoC Suspension and revocations letters.  
  • Annex 2e - New Annex 2e Failure to retrain revocation letter 
  • Annex 2f - Annex 2f Return of CoC after letter
  • Annex 2g - Annex 2g Return of CoC after FTT decision letter

Chapter 2.4

  • Sections 13.3.3 - Process frequency and sample size amended.

Chapter 3

  • Annex 4h2 - Revised Annex 4h2 Form 6B - FBO microbiological testing verification checklist (beef and lamb).
  • Annex 4l2 - Revised Annex 4I2 Form 10B - verification of FBO controls for export (beef and lamb)
  • Annex 7d2 -    Revised Annex 7d2 Third Country approval checklist (USA - Beef) 
  • Annex 9 - Revised Annex 9 RMOP for USDA FSIS certified establishments
  • Annex 11 - New Annex 11 - E.coli Official Sampling
  • Annex 12 - US intact beef letter     

Chapter 6

  • Section 7.1.2 - Definitions to reflect new Section 7.14 on Private Slaughter of TB Reactors (Rs), Direct Contacts (DCs) and Inconclusive Reactors (IRs).   
  • Section 7.3.1 - Amendment to types of animals consigned to slaughter voluntarily.
  • Section 7.3.5 - Amendment to TB110 electronic TB sampling and submission form.
  • Section 7.3.7 - Amendment to TB24 movement licences. 
  • Section 7.3.9 - Amendment to TB24b/g/h movement licences 
  • Section 7.3.13 - Amendment to FSA copy of licences to reflect addition of Annex 32 TB24h licence form.
  • Section 7.5.1 -  Amendment to Additional detailed inspection (second bullet point)  
  • Section 7.8.1 - Amendment to Relevant animals.
  • Sections  7.8.5, 7.8.7, 7.8.9 - Amendments to Stage 4 to remove sentence regarding lesions found in the mesenteric lymph nodes from herds in Scotland.
  • Section 7.8.11 - Amendment to provide additional detail on the requirements for completion of sampling and submission from TB110.    
  • Section 7.14 - New section on Sending Private Slaughter of TB Reactors (Rs)/Direct Contacts (DCs) and Inconclusive Reactors (IRs)
  • Annex 31b -  New Annex 31b TR558 - Private TB Reactor Slaughter/Direct Contacts (DCs) Arrangements Agreement Form    
  • Annex 32 - New Annex 32 Sample:TB24h licence form.

Volume 2

  • Links - Links to added throughout whole document.