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FSA Board meeting papers published for March 2024

The agenda and papers for the March 2024 Board meeting have been published.

Last updated: 13 March 2024
Last updated: 13 March 2024

The meeting will be held in Leeds and chaired by the FSA’s chair, Professor Susan Jebb. It will begin at 9.00am on Wednesday 20 March, and is an open meeting for the public to attend in person. You can also register to view it online.

The agenda for this meeting includes:  

  • Foodborne Disease
  • Precision Breeding
  • Regulated Products Reform Update
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Governance Review

A full agenda and published papers can be viewed in the Board meeting section of our website.

How to register for the open Board meeting

The March 2024 Board meeting will be an open meeting, and we look forward to welcoming members of the public who are able to attend in person. In addition, you can register to watch the meeting live online.

If you need help to register, or have any queries, please contact:

Submitting a question  

The FSA Board welcomes questions on the papers being considered at each of its meetings.  

We are keen to ensure, as far as is practical, that questions are addressed in the discussion at the Board meeting, so it is important that queries are kept as concise and focused as possible.  

Questions should relate to the Board papers published prior to the meeting. Questions that do not relate to a paper on the FSA Board meeting agenda will not be addressed during the Board meeting but will be responded to separately and in writing.  

Questions for the Board meeting will also receive a written reply within 20 working days of the Board meeting. Replies will be published on the relevant FSA Board Meeting page.  

You can submit your questions up to 5pm on Monday 18 March using this form. After this date, you will not be able to submit questions and the form will close.